What celebrity it would take to advertise products meant for real men the best? It should be someone who really knows how to live, how to party and whose lifestyle is so bizarre that it's not possible not to envy him.

If you are a reel beer lover than you know that for the best enjoyment of beer some preparation is required. In this AD the preparation is being taken to a whole new level.

Now this is one great invention for really serious beer drinkers - the "shotgun friendly" punch-top can. With the faster and smoother flow of the beer watch the world become blurry in just a matter of minutes.

Really cute Audi A6 commercial with little girl explaining why her dad might be an Alien.

Have any product or service that needs help selling? There's no better solution than clever advertising! If you feel skeptical just check out this AD for Thinkbox TV advertising.

We've already learned that Yiayia has an opinion on pretty much anything. Check out this AD to see what Yiayia thinks about technology - this time about video chat.

Once again Yiayia is back and just like before she doesn't mind sharing her opinion about the lifestyle of our youth.

Who said that stories with feelings involved are for girls? You just have to find a right target to express those feelings for - like beer and snacks.

This AD once again proves that the best way to bond with someone is while solving a common problem together. In this particular case in rather embarrassing way though.

This is one of those ADs that go straight to the creepy category. In this case for the very special way of showing that Toohey cider might not be as sweet as you might think.

Really fun AD by Ogilvy & Mather, which explains how to create a perpetual engine from just a few common items.

Even if most of the fun beverage commercials are mostly for soda and alcoholic drinks there are some exceptions, when actually a healthy drinks are being advertised with some more fun and creativity, like in this AD by NYC Health Department.

You know that feeling when even in the busiest of days your mind tends just to drift away and find itself in the places you would like to be the most? Really great feeling - that meditation state... But you've got to admit that it's not the best state to be in when you're driving. So BMW found solution to exactly that specific problem.