This is the response from Green Peace to Volkswagen's Star Wars commercial and they don't seem to like VW at all...

Be sure to keep a good eye on your kids or they might just use their creativity in really embarrassing ways.

It's a really great feeling when you find exactly what you're looking for right from the first attempt, especially if you are looking for something as important as... Well find out for yourself. Simple and clever solution from Ogilvy&Mather (Ukraine).

This commercial received the gold at Golden Hammer 2011, made by Ogylvy&Mather (Romania). What better way to promote animation film festival that with the really clever used animation.

The last and by my opinion the best commercial of the ATTA trilogy.

Second and more provocative ATTA beer ad from Golden Hammer 2011.

This one is the 1st part of the ATTA beer commercial trilogy, which won in the 2011 Golen Hammer awards. Commercial made by KING (Helsinki).

Who doesn't love surprises? But would you like those when the deal comes to your financial issues? You sure would if it would be "surprise German style"!

This AD might be just too hot to handle - we're talking about passion in German style! Really great work by Ogilvy&Mather (Ukraine)

That's really great that nowadays you can finally be following the lives (or just virtually stalking) your favorite celebrities or role models just with the click of a button - "like" button. (damn - how I would like a glove like that)

Here's another commercial from Foot Locker, this time taking you to the art class (with a nude model of course).

If in the near future I'll decide to pick up some strange fetish - this just might be it!

Green lifestyle is definitely the way to go! If you do it voluntarily that's just great, but if you don't... These guys will make you!

This commercial is just begging for a line from Braveheart: "They (women) may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!