Of course it's always fun to tease someone. But you must be careful so the thing you tease with isn't more important to you "victim" that your well being.

It's almost always a great challenge when having to face your girlfriend's parents for the first time. One of the exceptions is if you are like this guy!

Beer is truly magnificent and majestic creature. Just like a hunter the real appreciator of beer must first get to know his prey and study it's behavior in it's natural habitat, so when the right time comes he knows exactly what to expect and how to act.

Watching this explanatory video really gives you the insight of the majestic creature that beers actually are. It also explains why you should buy not less than two beers at a time.

It seems that men and women are not so different after all and just like you can advertise beer to men with half naked ladies you can advertise vodka to women with half naked men.

If you think that Irish beer is just a refreshing drink that leaves no visible consequences on it's consumer? Check out this AD and think again.

Till now I knew that there were drug addicts, alcohol addicts, sex addicts an so on, but now thanks to Salma Hayek it seems that there are one more group of addicts lurking our streets day and night looking for their "fix" - milk!

This DB Export Dry beer AD really spoke to me - I can't even account for how many times I've been in the situation when in some events you are practically forced to drink wine (because everyone is doing it) and pretend that you like that girly drink, while actually desperately craving for an ice cold beer... Mmmm - beer...

What are the things you want to taste in your beer? Is it a Kung-Fu punch, hard rock or the taste of victory? If yes, than guess what - Hahn beer is just the right brew for you!

When going to the store to buy a new razor do you ever ask yourself is it really necessary for razor to have 10 blades, vibrate and have a flashlight function? If you have, than this AD has an answer!

Of course you know the story about three little pigs and the wolf. But have you ever thought that you've heard the story from just one point of view? Here's the modern interpretation of the story by Guardian from a bit different angle.

Which man wouldn't wish to have his own bar at home... But then there are girlfriends and wives who most probably wouldn't be to supportive on that kind of enterprise. This AD from Coors Light offers great solutions for both problems.

This is a really revealing commercial - after watching it I finally realized that when you feel unhappy the best cure is actually a "happy hour" at the bar (with all the consequences of course)!