I've heard that most of technology developers are trying to take every detail in the account before approving the product for shipping, but it seems that the guys from Toshiba are going even further - considering even the "butterfly effect".

Everyone knows about the hype when the new Apple product is released, but is that a guarantee that the new product actually is that great? In this commercial Samsung has a little laugh about the cult of Apple.

The Lynx (also known as AXE in some countries) not only has the best ideas about how the perfect airline should look like, but also what's the best way to prepare for the end of the world (next one on 12.12.2012.)

You know how boring and tiresome it is when you have to be an airplane and just fly for lots of hours. Well it seems it's because you've been flying the wrong airlines.

Here's another AD from Old Spice "Smell better than yourself" series and believe me - this one also makes as much sense as the previous one because I truly believe that you simply can't make a proper shower gel commercial without involving a bear and a motorcycle.

Not all sneakers are made for running - some are made to show the attitude. Check out how Diesel decided to show the real purpose of their sneakers in this AD.

It seems that not only Santa Claus ditches his sponsors for his holidays. Even the polar bears choose to switch to Pepsi and get some tan while on summer holidays.

Have you ever been wondering what Santa Claus is doing on summer when he doesn't have to prepare and deliver presents to children and advertise Coca-Cola? This Pepsi AD gives a little glimpse of what it might look like.

Another AD from Hardees "Full Of Bologna" series. This time I don't quite get where is the "Bologna" part, because Handsome Pete is a good friend of Crazy Bob - leprechaun who lives under my pillow.

I'm no quite sure if the guy in this AD is "full of bologna" or just mental but there actually are some things which are the best exactly when being "full of bologna".

I'm not quite sure if the thirst I've ever felt would ever be described as creepy - even the "second day's" thirst. But if you'd like to imagine how that kind of thirst would feel like just watch this AD (serious WTF stuff).

As we already know from the previous Land Rover commercials like "Pathological Liar" and "Dirty Cops" the really safe place to be in every situation is your Land Rover and judging by this employee you'd really want some extra safety when talking to him.

As it seems from this SNY AD that by watching sports channels you not only are able to follow your favorite sports events and have a good time but also it helps to raise your testosterone levels. But be careful there might be some point when you'll find yourself wrestling a half naked black man...

JCPenny continues their "Everybody wins" strategy and just like before offers some great benefits for those who are willing to stay put and see JCPennys' offer. In this AD you are able to learn how to open a beer bottle with a napkin (or anything similar). I tried it with a page of a newspaper - worked like a charm!