I believe that most men are familiar with the situation in this AD - being dragged along in the shopping mall. So Pepsi Max offers a solution - witty escape.

I really liked this commercial because it teaches that if you do something totally awkward and wrong it doesn't mean that you are an idiot - it means that you are an innovator.

Have you ever thought (or maybe experienced) how would it feel to go to a fast food restaurant while totally tripping on acid, cocaine and mescaline mixed with heavy alcohol? I believe it might look something like this Burger King (Russia) AD.

Here's one more AD from "Should've gone to Specsavers" series. And just like in the "Sauna" AD Specsavers once again show how important it is to take care of you eyesight to protect yourself fro really embarrassing situations.

If you address the saying from the previous AD "You are what you eat" on this guy, than he would just stay himself - take a look why.

Who haven't heard the old saying "You are what you eat"? I really hope that the saying and this commercial are wrong because I'd be rather disappointed if one day I wake up as a spicy Kebab...

This one is really great ad from Weetabix, showing that every member of the family has it's own "Big days" when they need that extra strength and energy to get through the day.

Another great advice from Foot Locker - this time it's about the importance of personal choices and responsibility.

How would you react if your parents found out that you've been ordering Porn through Pay Per View and wanted to discuss it? Well in this AD the accused kid seems to be the next PR genius!

This definitely wouldn't be the 1st way I'd think to advertise power tools, nether it would be the 2nd or even 207th. It actually makes just as much sense as this commercial. But what the hell do I know - just check this out.

Just like in previous commercial Toshiba continues to show the grim consequences when gadgets are not equipped with all latest technologies. Also they finally reveal the well kept secret about how the zombies are created.

I've heard that most of technology developers are trying to take every detail in the account before approving the product for shipping, but it seems that the guys from Toshiba are going even further - considering even the "butterfly effect".

Everyone knows about the hype when the new Apple product is released, but is that a guarantee that the new product actually is that great? In this commercial Samsung has a little laugh about the cult of Apple.

The Lynx (also known as AXE in some countries) not only has the best ideas about how the perfect airline should look like, but also what's the best way to prepare for the end of the world (next one on 12.12.2012.)

You know how boring and tiresome it is when you have to be an airplane and just fly for lots of hours. Well it seems it's because you've been flying the wrong airlines.

Here's another AD from Old Spice "Smell better than yourself" series and believe me - this one also makes as much sense as the previous one because I truly believe that you simply can't make a proper shower gel commercial without involving a bear and a motorcycle.

Not all sneakers are made for running - some are made to show the attitude. Check out how Diesel decided to show the real purpose of their sneakers in this AD.

It seems that not only Santa Claus ditches his sponsors for his holidays. Even the polar bears choose to switch to Pepsi and get some tan while on summer holidays.

Have you ever been wondering what Santa Claus is doing on summer when he doesn't have to prepare and deliver presents to children and advertise Coca-Cola? This Pepsi AD gives a little glimpse of what it might look like.

Another AD from Hardees "Full Of Bologna" series. This time I don't quite get where is the "Bologna" part, because Handsome Pete is a good friend of Crazy Bob - leprechaun who lives under my pillow.

I'm no quite sure if the guy in this AD is "full of bologna" or just mental but there actually are some things which are the best exactly when being "full of bologna".

I'm not quite sure if the thirst I've ever felt would ever be described as creepy - even the "second day's" thirst. But if you'd like to imagine how that kind of thirst would feel like just watch this AD (serious WTF stuff).

As we already know from the previous Land Rover commercials like "Pathological Liar" and "Dirty Cops" the really safe place to be in every situation is your Land Rover and judging by this employee you'd really want some extra safety when talking to him.

As it seems from this SNY AD that by watching sports channels you not only are able to follow your favorite sports events and have a good time but also it helps to raise your testosterone levels. But be careful there might be some point when you'll find yourself wrestling a half naked black man...

JCPenny continues their "Everybody wins" strategy and just like before offers some great benefits for those who are willing to stay put and see JCPennys' offer. In this AD you are able to learn how to open a beer bottle with a napkin (or anything similar). I tried it with a page of a newspaper - worked like a charm!

Of course the safety is primary if you are participating in witness protection program, but what would it take for you to sacrifice that safety?

Here's another AD from FedEx (done by BBDO, NY) with an interesting solution how to pick a company's name to be the 1st in the phone-book (I wonder if someone is still using them though).

It's always great to be more environmentally aware - to use less resources, switch to energy saving appliances or for instance to print on the other sides of once used paper sheets like these guys.

What can be better and more relaxing after a hard day of work than the sauna. You just sit, relax, and enjoy the cleansing process. There's just one thing - make sure you are actually in the right place.

Do you like shoes? Do you love shoes? Are you crazy about shoes? If you answered yes to all these three questions then check out these guys (or these) from Foot Locker AD and you might find a lot of things in common.

How would you describe computer security in a single word? Well here are few examples from the Webroot commercial. One useful conclusion that I got from this AD was that multiple words said really fast actually could count as one.

There is one great thing about advertising - you can take most common, dull or boring product or as in this case service and with the bit of creativity make it really fun and appealing. This AD asks one important question - does sucking at the office counts as the sexual harassment?

It's impossible to avoid all the embarrassing situations in your life, and when you get into one you need to be ready to think fast to avoid any further embarrassment. Check out this AD for example.

Guys that made this commercial realized that people don't actually enjoy watching commercials so they came up with a great compromise to show both - JCPenny's offer and also something more appealing to the eye to keep audience (mostly men I guess) watching.

I've never thought that I'd ever see the commercial of something as specific and unusual as a taxidermy service, but thanks to the all powerful internet it's possible now. And let me just add - it's really something.

Wow! It seems that this guy knows so much about me... Guess I should consider his advice...

This is not an actual AD but a great viral video by Carlsberg in which pairs in cinema get tested if they are OK with sitting alongside with 148 mean looking bikers. Check out how many pairs actually will be brave enough.

Cleaning them, loosing them, breaking them, being mocked by the fact that you wear them... I'm just really glad that I don't have to wear glasses - check out what other inconveniences they might cause.

Another Andes beer commercial in which just like "Ballerina" AD Saatchi&Saatchi used the "bad timing" motive.

There are actually some times that are just not right for drinking beer - it's when the beer is not cold enough! Check out how Andes beer played out "bad timing" motive in their ad.

In this commercial for beer related website "thirstyforbeer.com" you can see the greatest benefit of excessive beer drinking alone - if you are patient enough you'll definitely get the sexiest girl (theoretically).

Old Spice keeps experimenting with different main characters in their ads and this time they've got "well decorated sea captain battling sea monsters". I'm really not sure that that is something I would prefer to smell like, but what the heck...

Megaman company is trying to convince people in using their energy saving light bulbs by comparing emissions caused by a regular light bulbs to the most famous nasty gas emission on earth - the fart.

I wonder what were the creators of this commercial high on when they've came up with this commercials concept. But even more I'd like to find out is what high on were the people who accepted this concept and actually payed for it!

Quite an unusual approach to an AD from BMW showing how you can use all the great Connect Drive features to rob a jewellery store. Really stylish commercial (as you would expect from BMW) somewhat reminding of "The Thomas Crown Affair" movie.

We already know the speed of Google chrome (faster than potato) but how fast is Twitter? Check this commercial to find out the speed of Twitter and the advantages it brings!

What better way to see the actual effect of the product than to test it with real people. And if you are creative you might actually make it in a great TV AD like this one.

Do you sometimes get tired of all the predictable plots and cliches in TV movie series? That problem has also has been obviously shown in one of the recent HBO commercials:

What better way to market video-game to teenagers than by giving them absolute reassurance that the the game will be so bizarre that it'll surely be hated by their moms. Check out this set-up focus group of moms and of course their reactions to the bloody and gory video-game footage.

Thanks to the technologies you don't have to be a professional photographer anymore to make a good photos and thanks to all the social networks you also don't have to spend a dime for publishing those. But then again since the competition is getting so big you don't have a choice to improve you skills more and more.

Finally a shower gel for men commercial that actually shows actual showering process instead of strange (sometimes referred as gay) fantasies of tropical islands involving all elements of nature and stuff.

Another commercial from Snickers "You are not yourself when you're hungry" series, where you can see that even the toughest men are vulnerable to never resting hunger.

It's common that when you've caught a cold you feel unwell and woozy, but have you ever thought how do you look to others? Judging by this Saatchi & Saatchi Cannes Lions 2011 gold medal award winning ad that's not something you want to look like.

Another commercial that just grabs you with it's complexity and creativity involved! A 40 meters long xylophone made in the middle of the forest from just forest-thinning materials to advertise nature friendly mobile phone with wood cover - you just got to admit that is something "out of the box"!

Got a bit tired of all the Old Spice Guys duel commotion that's been going on these days, so I'd like to abstract from all that and accentuate one of the Cannes Lions 2011 gold medal winner AD in film craft category.

This commercial gives a perfect explanation why Fabio is a better Old Spice Guy than the old Old Spice Guy. You can see more Fabio featured Old Spice commercials here.

Semms like Old Spice has decided to change their "Guy" from Isiah Mustafa to Fabio.

I'm not sure if this commercial would dramatically boost FedEx revenues, but the "Bear, hunter, ninja" game sure looks like fun!

Finally the truth behind the picture of Einstein with his tongue out has been solved, which once again proves that he really was a genius!

Once again Axe is here with one of their ambiguous commercials - this time playing with premature ejac... perspiration topic.

Whether you tell a lie or tell the truth that everybody else are trying to hide there is on thing in common - you really need a safe place to hide afterwards.

Here we can see how the new technologies (smartphones) are effecting once so strong sacred bond between the man and his TV.

There are just some things that just don't go well together with classical music - for instance a night at the bar.

This is the response from Green Peace to Volkswagen's Star Wars commercial and they don't seem to like VW at all...

Be sure to keep a good eye on your kids or they might just use their creativity in really embarrassing ways.

It's a really great feeling when you find exactly what you're looking for right from the first attempt, especially if you are looking for something as important as... Well find out for yourself. Simple and clever solution from Ogilvy&Mather (Ukraine).

This commercial received the gold at Golden Hammer 2011, made by Ogylvy&Mather (Romania). What better way to promote animation film festival that with the really clever used animation.

The last and by my opinion the best commercial of the ATTA trilogy.

Second and more provocative ATTA beer ad from Golden Hammer 2011.

This one is the 1st part of the ATTA beer commercial trilogy, which won in the 2011 Golen Hammer awards. Commercial made by KING (Helsinki).

Who doesn't love surprises? But would you like those when the deal comes to your financial issues? You sure would if it would be "surprise German style"!

This AD might be just too hot to handle - we're talking about passion in German style! Really great work by Ogilvy&Mather (Ukraine)

That's really great that nowadays you can finally be following the lives (or just virtually stalking) your favorite celebrities or role models just with the click of a button - "like" button. (damn - how I would like a glove like that)

Here's another commercial from Foot Locker, this time taking you to the art class (with a nude model of course).

If in the near future I'll decide to pick up some strange fetish - this just might be it!

Green lifestyle is definitely the way to go! If you do it voluntarily that's just great, but if you don't... These guys will make you!

This commercial is just begging for a line from Braveheart: "They (women) may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!

It's much smarter to call your girlfriend by nickname - that's how if you get a new one you won't get in an awkward situation by accidentally calling her by you'r ex'es name!

With the new Mercedes you can not only make your friends jealous, but also disappoint death itself (sorry).

"Helping Hands" - now this is really one great feature to get with your meal to go. Because let's face it - you can't do too much when your hands are full with juicy premium chicken!

Just like in a romantic movie - it's a hot summer day, you're doing your yard work, suddenly you hear music over the fence and when you look over you see something so amazing by the pool you just can't stop staring...

What do you call a man who's house is built out of beer cans? Environmentally responsible, or just a real beer lover?

Here you can see some nice men that would gladly meet you and have a really close (probably unwilling) relationships with you. All you have to do is have some drinks and than get behind the wheel.

Snickers continues their "You are not yourself when you hungry" series with another funny ad - this time starring Joe Pesci.

Well... This is definitely an original way to exploit healthy man's reproductive system. I'm just glad she didn't have to get the soda bottle opened or something...

Peta must be pretty desperate in finding new followers if they've came up with something like this. But on the other hand what in the world could be sexier than "humpin' a pumpkin"...

Don't you just love when your friends share your private information and secrets in public? But what the hell - what can be more funny than diarrhea anyway!

This commercial somehow reminds me of Mr. Magoo... I wonder why...

Is it wrong to lie? Well, probably it is... But if you have (or want) to do so, than make sure that you do it from the safe position - inside of your Land Rover will do just fine!

I just like the way how office employees are being shown as sheep. Human resource guy with 6 generation work experience also sounds promising.

This would be a really great product - special telecommunication plan for insulting your enemies. Design of the the box is already priceless.

What better way to settle all your dilemmas with friends than with a classic "rock, paper, scissor" game - especially when you know the "special" moves! (Just got to put this move to practice sometime)

Another great commercial from Bud Light in which product placement principles are being explained. If I was a film producer all my movie scenes would definitely look just like that!

Maximum security luxury prison - the kind of prison you would actually rather get in than out. Really great AD by Audi!

Have you ever heard an expression "what would Jesus do"? Judging by this AD he won't do nothing that you should take example of...

Funny and a bit creepy AD by BIC, which gives you a good lesson what to do to reach the best results in sliding naked on your stomach on ice. And yes - you can actually play the "Human curling" game afterwards!

If only I had a penny for every time I've found myself in a situation like this... I probably wouldn't have any pennies... Well maybe one or two...

This definitely gets my "trippiest beer commercial" award! C'mon what's the idea behind this one - does it suggest that you have a cold beer after acid over-dosage?

Money, power, success... is there an aroma that could embrace all these qualities? Yes there is and apparently it's Bacon! Yes - someone actually have made cologne with the "sophisticated" scent of bacon!

This Rico character is just amazing - who else would use lines like "It's much harder to put yourself fist" when talking to his co-passenger on a flight

Pretty funny Air NZ AD with the squirrel Rico making suggestive remarks when sharing his impressions of New Zealand

When doing something as epic and unbelievable as spending the day with an alien (or Justin Bieber) be sure not to lose the evidence or else your story will be interpreted as another "how high was I" days...

Very unusual approach for an anti Aids campaign - how else can you describe vintage cartoon styled video about a horny cat getting involved in cross-species sexual relations...

This is the burden you have to carry when wearing stylish jeans - no more romantic evenings and walks in the park. And they leave right after getting what they've wanted... women...

There are a lot of things you could do instead of watching TV! But why bother?

The Skoda building process seems to be slightly different from all the other cars around... definitely different...

Once again some groups have been offended by Bundaberg - this time by their apology. So they tried to explain themselves once more!

This is an apology from Bundaberg Rum for the scene of crocodile dying in their first AD. Apology accepted - cheers!

There are some products that are just so weird, that whatever way you try to promote them will seem a bit fu**ed up...

And this is how you promote a burger - stay focused only on the product and it's benefits ant that will do it... And maybe add a beauty contest winner just in case (Miss Turkey for instance)...

If you don't have loads of money, you are not too good looking or funny - how do you get girls to like you? Yes - this is how:

How would you know if it's time to move on and look for a new job? Well here are some clues for you!

Now that's what I call a perfect kitchen remodeling! I'm guessing maybe I could use some "remodeling" at my place...

You may like your snacks, you may even love your snacks, but this guy... He's just crazy about his Doritos (in a really creepy way)!

It's really unpleasant and painful if you decide to lay off your diet with a maniac wife like this one!

You know how hard it's to get good tires and when you finally get them you won't let them go so easy will you?

And how would you act if knowing that the world is about to end? I'd definetely would join with these guys!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if cats would suddenly evolve and grow opposable thumbs? I know I've spent countless hours and even days pondering... And now Cravendale illustrates this likely possibility in this AD!

You thought that watching TV threatens functionality of your brain? In this AD movie star Alec Baldwin (as we know him) describes the real threat - Hulu!

What would you need the most if you were stranded on desert island? No doubt about it - cold, delicious beer!

You think that in the modern times it's common that men are staying home with the kids while the wifes work. Yiayia also has an opinion about this matter! Also check out Yiayia's thoughts on Relationships and Fashion

Let's hear what Yiayia has to say about this this lovely couple at their relationships!

Blond female stalker with Android phone, who knows her way around the apps... I can't quite form my opinion about this yet...

It seems that men have a lot easier life - so many things less to worry and think about...

Another approval that the world couldn't actually work properly if the beer supply would suddenly stop!

When I buy a product or service I always make sure that it's approved by crazy old lady!

This is just so wrong on so many levels... I mean you don't take your chips into the sauna - they might get moist!

This is definitely "thinking out of the box". Out of the box and straight to the sperm bank!

As this commercial once again proves there's nothing like a bottle of cold, molted, full bodied beer. In real life results of this approach may vary dough...

I truly believe that girls like that really exist! They most probably live on mars along with Santa Clause and Easter bunny...

There's nothing like an ice cold beer to make your eyes shine ad the spirit sing.

A few great examples how to get fired. Because sometimes it's more rewarding to actually loose the job than to keep it!

Judging by the effect shown in the commercial this beer might have some "special ingredient" in it... Where can I get one?

Ant that is how you should behave in a presentation - be confident and be passionate about your idea!

Another hilarious commercial from Doritos. I truly believe that every office just has to have employees like these guys!

I have to admit that I too sometimes use the Force - mostly with the supermarket doors...

Another example how the sports (and beer) is bringing people together and uniting them!

Yet another great way to test your new product! See also how you properly test the deodorant!

Detergent, yogurt, car insurance... Whatever they are promoting I'm ready to buy it right away (probably because of the catchy music)!

There are some things that just can't be simulated in 3D and need to be enjoyed in real life. As this commercial shows such attempts might even be hazardous!

I too believe that the combination of deodorant, raw meat and smell of deadly fear is a perfect scent for every man!

Simple and clever solution - just what you would expect from Google.

These guys attitude kicks ass - we're on a break so fu*k off!

That kind of initiatives from hot female celebrities should only be encouraged!

The best way to get away from work for at least a weak is to die!

It really makes sense! It really does... OK - I failed in convincing myself...

He'll need something more than a pack of Cheetos to get through the day with this company! Maybe this could be a solution!

This is definitely the way to enter the party! It's widely believed that this skill can only be obtained by consuming a lot of Heineken!

If you think you love your food look at this guy and thin again!


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Creepy... That's why I try to avoid seasonal shopping frenzies...

Now I know the way to solve all my problems and reach all goals!

Good example of thinking "out of the box" inspired by beer of course!

I bet it's impossible for this company to get insurance for their employees.

Beer indeed inspires you for great things - Terra-forming for instance!