Wow! It seems that this guy knows so much about me... Guess I should consider his advice...

This is not an actual AD but a great viral video by Carlsberg in which pairs in cinema get tested if they are OK with sitting alongside with 148 mean looking bikers. Check out how many pairs actually will be brave enough.

Cleaning them, loosing them, breaking them, being mocked by the fact that you wear them... I'm just really glad that I don't have to wear glasses - check out what other inconveniences they might cause.

Another Andes beer commercial in which just like "Ballerina" AD Saatchi&Saatchi used the "bad timing" motive.

There are actually some times that are just not right for drinking beer - it's when the beer is not cold enough! Check out how Andes beer played out "bad timing" motive in their ad.

In this commercial for beer related website "" you can see the greatest benefit of excessive beer drinking alone - if you are patient enough you'll definitely get the sexiest girl (theoretically).

Old Spice keeps experimenting with different main characters in their ads and this time they've got "well decorated sea captain battling sea monsters". I'm really not sure that that is something I would prefer to smell like, but what the heck...

Megaman company is trying to convince people in using their energy saving light bulbs by comparing emissions caused by a regular light bulbs to the most famous nasty gas emission on earth - the fart.

I wonder what were the creators of this commercial high on when they've came up with this commercials concept. But even more I'd like to find out is what high on were the people who accepted this concept and actually payed for it!