Got tired of all the detergent commercials where brand just dully compares their product to "regular detergents"? Well then try this one up for size - Woolite AD done by Rob Zombie.

I would really like to see how the creative agency sold the idea of this commercial to the client.

If you ever wondered how the commercial created by heavy metal singer or/and horror movie director would look like, than here's your answer - AD for Amdro made by Rob Zombie.

In this AD Agent Provocateur with the little help of The Pencil Agency prove the unquestionable statement in company's slogan: "Sexy never takes a day off".

When friday comes it's a great time to ask yourself questions that really matter - like "Can you drink a Captain Morgan Spiced and cola while building a model ship that serves your friends?"

This ad once again proves that the biggest investment not always brings the best result. And what's more important it teaches that if by any chance you find yourself in the same kitchen with Gordon Ramsay you better run for your life.

Now this is what I call an ultimate real men AD - cars, danger, explosions. I bet that this badass snack would go great with this badass beer!

When choosing the car to drive in winter conditions it's very important, that besides superior technical parameters and good looks the car would also be safe. And who might desire safety more on the Christmas eve than the main character of this AD...

If for instance Canal Digital gave us the opportunity to see what it would be like to live in the movies, then in this viral video TNT gave some lucky Belgian people the chance to actually experience it. If you still haven't seen this great AD than you definitely should.

I don't believe that it would possible to find more suitable actor for this Bavaria beer AD than Charlie Sheen. Why? If you are guessing that it might be because of Charlies countless addictions you are completely right.

I find this AD a really good inspiration for a weekend. And if you think how the creators of this AD KesselsKramer got to this idea I might give you a little hint - agency is based in Amsterdam.

Every choice and decision in your life will affect your future in one way or another. With the right attitude you can achieve any goal you desire or blow it with the wrong one.

We already know what astonishing effects Axe products cause on women. But this time it's a bit different - could you imagine what apocalyptic events something like Axe Anachy shower gel could trigger?