Sometimes I too feel like the whole world is in my squirrels...

The "smart" in smartphone means that it is more intelligent than you are. In this case definetely!

If I had a nickel for every time this happened to me...

Mentos Gum

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I believe that at some point it might be romantic... Or not...

That's one great way to save the alien civilization!

We've waited a long tome for this! Really long time...

Things you have to do to get your laundry done!

Heineken Light

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I guess I like David Cetera too :)

Do you have that problem when feeling like a blowfish when having too many beers? Well here's the solution!

Leaving early to beat the traffic might not be the greatest idea...

Who told you that I like it in the can?

Birthday Clown

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That's how you end kids party!

Yet another great office themed commercial for Bud Light after hilarious "Swear Jar"!

Budweiser Bridge

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What would you do if there was a threat of not getting your beer?

Head traumas in hockey may cause serious hallucinations...

Everyone should do what they do best!

When having no other choice but to take a hostage choose the right one!

Ant the best clue to know that someone is single is...

It's time for the phone to save us from our phones... Nah, I'm good as it is!

This AD is really worthy to be called an anthem - not just for the AXE, but for party-life itself!

Voting - It feels much better than you ever thought!

Be careful when decide to change your coffee shop!

AXE are really getting on with spicy commercials!

Pure Blond Beer

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You really must be careful with your beer drinking habits!

Great parody for one of the greatest Ads of 2010 "The Old Spice Guy"

Old Spice Guy

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Old Spice Guy has already become an example for creative thinking by generating dozens of YouTube videos as a replies to celebrities on Twitter. It also had a lot of parodies but one was really good "Smell like a monster"

Halloween special - Helloooo Mrs. Jensen!

If these guys are able to make Bundaberg rum, then you can do everything!

Acknowledging this type of threat really makes you want to buy advertised product!

As long as there is beer real men still have a chance to survive as a specie!

Original internet browser speed test - It definitely convinced me!

Moving at it's best!