Quite an unusual approach to an AD from BMW showing how you can use all the great Connect Drive features to rob a jewellery store. Really stylish commercial (as you would expect from BMW) somewhat reminding of "The Thomas Crown Affair" movie.

We already know the speed of Google chrome (faster than potato) but how fast is Twitter? Check this commercial to find out the speed of Twitter and the advantages it brings!

What better way to see the actual effect of the product than to test it with real people. And if you are creative you might actually make it in a great TV AD like this one.

Do you sometimes get tired of all the predictable plots and cliches in TV movie series? That problem has also has been obviously shown in one of the recent HBO commercials:

What better way to market video-game to teenagers than by giving them absolute reassurance that the the game will be so bizarre that it'll surely be hated by their moms. Check out this set-up focus group of moms and of course their reactions to the bloody and gory video-game footage.

Thanks to the technologies you don't have to be a professional photographer anymore to make a good photos and thanks to all the social networks you also don't have to spend a dime for publishing those. But then again since the competition is getting so big you don't have a choice to improve you skills more and more.

Finally a shower gel for men commercial that actually shows actual showering process instead of strange (sometimes referred as gay) fantasies of tropical islands involving all elements of nature and stuff.

Another commercial from Snickers "You are not yourself when you're hungry" series, where you can see that even the toughest men are vulnerable to never resting hunger.