In this AD Nissan takes us to the world where not only cars but all modern appliances are running on gas. And I must admit that it definitely wouldn't be the most enjoyable environment to live in.

Who do you think would make the greatest movie director? Would it be someone who has a degree in cinematography, someone talented and driven, someone with creative and original thinking, or maybe it could be someone who's life is dedicated to watching movies? Watch this commercial to find out the answer.

It's late, dark, you come home, open your apartment's door and find your walls covered with bloody fingerprints... Yes, this is the beginning of the AD for Pizza Hut - check out the whole AD here (If you dare)...

This fun AD from Fallsview casino really made my day. Talking about right choices and luck - the main character in this commercial is the definition of both!

Everyone of us remembers the good times we had with our dearest friends. But do the worlds biggest dictators feel the same? This AD tries to answer just that queastion.

There were not too much funny Ads at this years Super Bowl, but this one I really liked - the dog who really knows how to run with style.

To pinpoint that the new reinvented Toyota Camry is "available with everything you could possibly want" Saatchi&Saatchi go further to see what you might want reinvented other aspects of your life. For instance I would take combination of reinvented curtains and rain - check out why.

At first when I saw this AD I got a little bit scared that Audi had fallen as a victim to that disturbing Twilight trend but further development of the plot put my mind at ease again.

Another quite fun AD from the Super Bowl 2012 starring Jerry Seinfeld who desperately tries to be the first to acquire the new Accura NSX.

For me it's quite hard to understand what is it that makes people (I'm thinking modern, urban citizens) actually to want to get a pet... Well this commercial gives at least one argument (still highly impossible one) for it.

Do you ever feel that you might need to start working out and lose some weight? Well if you can't fit through the door of your own home than you you're definitely right.

For the Super Bowl KIA changed their hamsters to Adriana Lima and Motley Crew and I must admit It's a really good change.

It seems that guys at KIA have found the best driving power to sell their cars, and so once again the hamsters are back!