When I buy a product or service I always make sure that it's approved by crazy old lady!

This is just so wrong on so many levels... I mean you don't take your chips into the sauna - they might get moist!

This is definitely "thinking out of the box". Out of the box and straight to the sperm bank!

As this commercial once again proves there's nothing like a bottle of cold, molted, full bodied beer. In real life results of this approach may vary dough...

I truly believe that girls like that really exist! They most probably live on mars along with Santa Clause and Easter bunny...

There's nothing like an ice cold beer to make your eyes shine ad the spirit sing.

A few great examples how to get fired. Because sometimes it's more rewarding to actually loose the job than to keep it!

Judging by the effect shown in the commercial this beer might have some "special ingredient" in it... Where can I get one?

Ant that is how you should behave in a presentation - be confident and be passionate about your idea!

Another hilarious commercial from Doritos. I truly believe that every office just has to have employees like these guys!

I have to admit that I too sometimes use the Force - mostly with the supermarket doors...

Another example how the sports (and beer) is bringing people together and uniting them!

Yet another great way to test your new product! See also how you properly test the deodorant!