For a real tough journey you need a really tough car. So after sniffing paint (that would explain the plot of this commercial) it's better to choose a car that can hold on against most obstacles in your way, because you'll definitely won't be able to avoid them in that condition.

As intended this commercial shows how great the "movies on demand" feature, but what's most important it teaches you to stay away from Norwegian social-realism movies from 70's.

There are probably millions of scenarios what could happen to you if you catch a computer virus or leak your connections database on the web. Well here's one scenario which might be especially common between male population.

Here's another crazy Old Spice AD from Wieden+Kennedy. This time starring Terry Crews and it's literately "mind blowing".

It seems that some of the influential people at Volkswagen might be real Star Wars fans, because once again (after their "Force" AD) they've turned to same theme - this time with this viral video of dog choir singing the "Imperial march".

Would you ever think of using the good old "regular washing powder" comparison story to advertise a horror series? Well these guys have and now check out what was the result.

What would make a music production house really great? Well judging by this commercial it's the ability to turn even the complete s**t in something that sounds good.

Really fun viral video from LG. And what I like the best, it's that when you see the ending you really want to see it one more time - just to be sure.

Everyone knows how the models are being "photo-shopped" for the perfect look in the AD's. Well here's much easier and cheaper way to loose some extra defects for the photo shoot (or for your regular Facebook profile picture update).

I really believe the statement that laziness is the driving power to most greatest inventions and ideas - this commercial illustrates just that.

I've heard that some cars are being called "chick magnets" because they have great design, they are exclusive, expensive and might even seem "sexy". Well in this commercial Subaru offers us "sexy" Japanese style (comes standard by the way).

Actually I would rather call this commercial "The Evolution of Geek". And I must admit to be proud to be one of them.

When you imagine any food factory and it doesn't matter if it's the one with people in white overalls behind the conveyor belts or even Willy Wonka's one it sure blows big time comparing to one in this AD. Though I believe that working here would be a real pain in the pants...