Detergent, yogurt, car insurance... Whatever they are promoting I'm ready to buy it right away (probably because of the catchy music)!

There are some things that just can't be simulated in 3D and need to be enjoyed in real life. As this commercial shows such attempts might even be hazardous!

I too believe that the combination of deodorant, raw meat and smell of deadly fear is a perfect scent for every man!

Simple and clever solution - just what you would expect from Google.

These guys attitude kicks ass - we're on a break so fu*k off!

That kind of initiatives from hot female celebrities should only be encouraged!

The best way to get away from work for at least a weak is to die!

It really makes sense! It really does... OK - I failed in convincing myself...

He'll need something more than a pack of Cheetos to get through the day with this company! Maybe this could be a solution!

This is definitely the way to enter the party! It's widely believed that this skill can only be obtained by consuming a lot of Heineken!

If you think you love your food look at this guy and thin again!


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Creepy... That's why I try to avoid seasonal shopping frenzies...

Now I know the way to solve all my problems and reach all goals!

Good example of thinking "out of the box" inspired by beer of course!

I bet it's impossible for this company to get insurance for their employees.

Beer indeed inspires you for great things - Terra-forming for instance!