You know how cool it looks when a professional bartenders are juggling the bottles at the bar. But if you decide to try those moves at home maybe it would be smarter to take some extra precautions so the people or/and property don't get harmed in the process.

You know that feeling when sometimes life just doesn't seem to be fair? Well in some cases you shouldn't just blame all on karma and carry on but just go and find some legal help.

How do you know if your child is born to be a famous movie director? Well this AD might give you a hint what kind of child behavior might be sign for you.

What celebrity it would take to advertise products meant for real men the best? It should be someone who really knows how to live, how to party and whose lifestyle is so bizarre that it's not possible not to envy him.

If you are a reel beer lover than you know that for the best enjoyment of beer some preparation is required. In this AD the preparation is being taken to a whole new level.

Now this is one great invention for really serious beer drinkers - the "shotgun friendly" punch-top can. With the faster and smoother flow of the beer watch the world become blurry in just a matter of minutes.

Really cute Audi A6 commercial with little girl explaining why her dad might be an Alien.