Sometimes I too feel like the whole world is in my squirrels...

The "smart" in smartphone means that it is more intelligent than you are. In this case definetely!

If I had a nickel for every time this happened to me...

Mentos Gum

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I believe that at some point it might be romantic... Or not...

That's one great way to save the alien civilization!

We've waited a long tome for this! Really long time...

Things you have to do to get your laundry done!

Heineken Light

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I guess I like David Cetera too :)

Do you have that problem when feeling like a blowfish when having too many beers? Well here's the solution!

Leaving early to beat the traffic might not be the greatest idea...

Who told you that I like it in the can?

Birthday Clown

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That's how you end kids party!

Yet another great office themed commercial for Bud Light after hilarious "Swear Jar"!

Budweiser Bridge

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What would you do if there was a threat of not getting your beer?

Head traumas in hockey may cause serious hallucinations...

Everyone should do what they do best!