Of course the safety is primary if you are participating in witness protection program, but what would it take for you to sacrifice that safety?

Here's another AD from FedEx (done by BBDO, NY) with an interesting solution how to pick a company's name to be the 1st in the phone-book (I wonder if someone is still using them though).

It's always great to be more environmentally aware - to use less resources, switch to energy saving appliances or for instance to print on the other sides of once used paper sheets like these guys.

What can be better and more relaxing after a hard day of work than the sauna. You just sit, relax, and enjoy the cleansing process. There's just one thing - make sure you are actually in the right place.

Do you like shoes? Do you love shoes? Are you crazy about shoes? If you answered yes to all these three questions then check out these guys (or these) from Foot Locker AD and you might find a lot of things in common.

How would you describe computer security in a single word? Well here are few examples from the Webroot commercial. One useful conclusion that I got from this AD was that multiple words said really fast actually could count as one.

There is one great thing about advertising - you can take most common, dull or boring product or as in this case service and with the bit of creativity make it really fun and appealing. This AD asks one important question - does sucking at the office counts as the sexual harassment?

It's impossible to avoid all the embarrassing situations in your life, and when you get into one you need to be ready to think fast to avoid any further embarrassment. Check out this AD for example.

Guys that made this commercial realized that people don't actually enjoy watching commercials so they came up with a great compromise to show both - JCPenny's offer and also something more appealing to the eye to keep audience (mostly men I guess) watching.

I've never thought that I'd ever see the commercial of something as specific and unusual as a taxidermy service, but thanks to the all powerful internet it's possible now. And let me just add - it's really something.